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Boys Black Jazz Shoe Size Chart

The cms measurement shown is the insole length of shoe.  Have your child stand on a ruler or tape measure to get their most accurate foot measurement.  It is recommended to go a jazz shoe that is no more than 0.5cm bigger than foot measurement as they are meant to be a fitted shoe & will trip over the toe if there is too much room at the end.

Once you have placed your order, please get in touch with Miss Sarah to confirm your size.

Size 7.5 - 15.1cm

Size 8 - 15.5cm

Size 8.5 - 15.9cm

Size 9 - 16.3cm

Size 9.5 - 16.7cm

Size 10 - 17.1cm

Size 10.5 - 17.5cm

Size 11 - 17.9cm

Size 11.5 - 18.3cm

Size 12 - 18.7cm

Size 12.5 - 19.1cm

Size 13 - 19.5cm

Size 13.5 - 19.9cm

Size 1 - 20.3cm

Size 1.5 - 20.7cm

Size 2- 21.1cm

Size 2.5 - 21.5cm