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The annual concert is the highlight of our year!

Students aged from 18 months to year 4 (at school) are celebrated with their very own spectacular end of year performance!

This one hour concert is the ideal length for very young children, as well as their parents & family who wish to come & support them.

Mini Movers (18 months - 3 years) are able to sit in the audience with their family & watch the concert. When it is their turn to perform, they are brought up to the stage by mum & back to the audience when they are finished.

All other age groups (who will be 4 yrs+ by concert time) are able to experience the excitement of being "backstage" during the show. Each age group is cared for by two of the mums from that class, who all have WWCC. Our concert is only one hour long which means by the time the children perform, change costume & perform again, it is nearly​ time for the finale!

Our concert packs include everything you could possibly need for the concert, there is no need to source anything yourself:

All concert costumes for your child

Finale shirt


Professional DVD of the concert

Digital download of the concert

Professional photos taken at concert

Our packs are the most competitive rates on the South Coast. 

Concert packs are available to purchase from the start of term 2, for 6 weeks. If you wish to participate in the concert, you will need purchase a pack before they go off sale. This lets us know you will be participating in the concert & all items will be organised for your child. After this date, we cannot add extra items to our orders as we wouldn't receive them in time for the concert.


For your convenience, a concert handbook is also distributed at the start of term 2. This handbook tells you everything you need to know about everything to do with the concert: from which performers will be backstage at the concert, hair & make-up styles for each age group, even arrival times for events like stage rehearsal & photo day. It's all in the handbook.